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He added that the new six month policy, of allowing rescue groups to adidas-hamburg-mens-tennis-black-core-blackfootwear-whitegum-win-2-shoes-salmonluxury-brand-lifestyle-trainersadidas-runner-bcghmrw147 save unclaimed dogs from Animal Control, is a big win for pit bull owners. Dorris said those dog owners need to keep speaking up, especially at city hall.

"I think they're starting to see a big turnout of people who love the breed," Dorris added.

A task force in Springfield has worked for several years to bring about revisions to Springfield's BSL ordinance which was established in 2006. City Council Member Cindy Rushefsky said she has been working, along with Council Member Doug Burlison, to bring those revisions to council.

"We have real concerns about the Breed Specific Legislation," Rushefsky said.

Rushefsky and Burlison are not going to run for adidas-yeezy-350-fidèle-efjov14568 another term and are working to get BSL to the city council. They are hoping the issue will be voted on before April. Rushefsky said she doesn't think it adidas-diminué-performance-minnie-tshirtblancsolaire-rose-enfants-adidas-rouge-petite-boutique-survêtement-adidas-pantalons-bestsellers-bfijluz146 will be an issue adidas-concessionnaires-cross-chaussures-dentraînement-dhjlpty046 if that six month period would be extended.

"It's not going to change the conditions under which a pit bull can be kept as a pet in Springfield. The adoption agencies are going to have to be able to sign a waiver of liability for the city, and they will have to carry insurance. But assuming that we can find groups able and willing to place the dogs, I don't think there's going to be an issue," Rushefsky said.

She said the process of revising BSL has been frustrating, and slow to bring about changes due to other city business, and ongoing discussions. But she is hopeful that progress has begun.

"The Breed Specific Legislation is supposedly on its way to council in some form," Rushefsky said.

The changes recommended by the task force have been in committee, or approved only pieces at a time. Meanwhile, people who support changes to BSL said this the first step forward, and they will adidas-original-sac-à-dosmultcopowredblancfemme-accessoire-soldes-adidas-vente-incroyable-prix-survêtement-sweat-adidas-glamour-ghmqruw025 continue to fight to get the law repealed.

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